Thursday, February 15, 2007

Resistance through Powerful Symbols

Palestinian Resistance to the Zionist Occupation is expressed through traditional arts as well as political acts of Resistance. Here is a powerful image of the Intifada created in the form of embroidery. The ancient Tree of Life is central. Its roots draw strength from words embodying the principles of Resistance. Doves, another very ancient symbol of Palestine, are sheltered within the tree and banners in the form of the Palestinian flag appear either to issue from or are carried in their beaks. As is the case with many political Palestinian statements in the form of visual art, the women of Palestine are acknowledged to be as vital to the Resistance as the men. The men are armed only with slingshots here, showing the realities of the Palestinian population who, with rocks and slingshots alone, defied the heavily-armed Zionist Occupation and continue steadfastly to struggle against the obliteration of the Palestinian identity and the ongoing theft of the homeland.

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Charles D. Ward said...

Salaam my friend. This is beautiful work of art and a very relevant blog. My heart is crying for the Gaza strip in these times of trial, and for the Palestinian people. All the best wishes to you in these times of trial.

Never give up the struggle. Free Palestine Now!

- soumoud -

Bart Romeijn, 22, from the Netherlands