Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Qabbeh from Gaza

Here is a photograph of the qabbeh of an old thob from Gaza. Compared to the example shown below, it is far more heavily-embroidered, and actually is more typical of the style of embroidery on old traditional thobs. Colours and patterns often were chosen not so much for aesthetic purposes as for their significance. The rather austere Western custom of using a single colour combination and pattern repeatedly is not typical of Palestinian embroidery. In many cases, embroidery of a thob was an ongoing project, and additional embroidery was added through the years.

Every district of Palestine had its own unique styles of embroidery. Often a girl who travelled to another district might bring home 'foreign' patterns and ideas to embellish her own work, but for the most part, a woman's district could be identified by the thob she wore. Headgear and shawls differed from district to district as well.

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